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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How are homes assigned?
A: The Navy Family Housing Office will maintain the referral lists by rank and bedroom size. The Navy Family Housing Office will refer units as they become available.
Q: How do I apply for a home?
A: Service members will continue to go to the Navy Family Housing Office to complete their application. The Navy Family Housing Office will determine your entitlement (number of bedrooms) and you will be referred to our Management Office for the actual assignment.
Q: What happens if my family size increases and would like to be moved to bigger home?
A: A transfer request will be placed through our Management Office. You will be required to update your eligibility through the Navy Family Housing Office and be placed on the proper referral waitlist.
Q: Are homes available with special accommodations for EFMP's?
A: Yes, NSB Kings Bay Homes will meet with residents with special needs. Military members who require handicap accessible units will be assigned such a unit, regardless of target category available within the rank segregation of officer and enlisted personnel. If the assignment is out of the members target category, then exhausted waiting list rules apply. Contact the Management Office for more information.  Refer to the Support & Assistance page for more information.


Q: What if I decide to break my lease for other reasons prior to the [month] expiration?
A: You will be required to provide a thirty (30) day written notice and pay a lease termination fee equal to 1 month's BAH.
Q: How will I sign the lease if the Military Member is at sea?
A: Only a military sponsor can sign a lease; therefore you may provide a special or general power of attorney permitting your spouse to sign the lease in your absence.  If you are unable to do that, please contact our Management Office for further assistance.
Q: Do I have to sign a lease?
A: Yes, all residents will be required to sign a lease in order to protect themselves as well as the partnership.
Q: What happens if a divorce occurs in a family residing in Housing?
A: Resident must notify our Management Office within ten (10) business days of the change
and complete any necessary documentation. 
Q: What if I receive immediate orders and am not able to provide thirty (30) days notice?
A: The lease allows you the flexibility to provide a shorter notice if you should receive immediate orders. Proper documentation is required in order to honor the notice reduction.
Q: What is the Resident Rewards Program?
A: Current
residents who sign a lease at another military installation managed by Balfour Beatty Communities will receive a credit. Additional savings opportunities may apply. Contact your Management office for details. 


Q: Who provides maintenance for my home?
A: NSB Kings Bay Homesis responsible for maintenance services.
Q: How do we make a maintenance request?
A: If you require routine maintenance, you may submit your request online through the Resident Portal or by contacting our Service Request desk. Emergency maintenance issues should not be submitted online. Please notify us of your urgent need by using our Emergency maintenance phone number. For more information on service type and contact information, visit the Service Request page.
Q: Will I have to mow my own lawn?
A: Lawn care is provided with the exception of fenced-in yards.
Q: Can RVs or Boats be parked in the housing community?
A: Parking for boats, trailers and recreational vehicles is prohibited in the family housing neighborhoods.  Unregistered, inoperable, unlicensed, or abandoned vehicles may not be parked within the neighborhoods. Violators will be ticketed by the Military Police Department and will be subject to having vehicles towed away at the Resident's expense. At no time will vehicles be permitted to be left on jacks.


Q: If both spouses are Service Members, do they both "forfeit" BAH rent?
A: Dual military will pay rent equal to the "with dependents" BAH of the higher ranking spouse.
Q: What does my rent include?
A: Your rent will include your electric, gas, water, sewer, and fuel oil for heat.  If your home is metered for gas and electric, refer to the Utilities section to see how this impacts your BAH.

Residents have access to our LifeWorks program which provides year-round activities and events at no additional cost. For more information on this program visit the LifeWorks page.
Q: If my rent is late, do I need to pay a late fee?
A: Yes. The late fee for rent and all other charges that are not paid by the 5th of each month is $25.
Q: How much is my rent?
A: As an active duty service member, the amount of your rent is equal to the BAH at the with dependent rate for your rank. Each year the DoD obtains  data from multiple sources such as current residential vacancies and rental listings in the market area. The DoD along with the Services conducts on-site evaluations at various locations to confirm and ensure reliability and accuracy of the cost data.
Q: How do changes in my rank affect my rent?
A: The rent will increase for a promotion and decrease for a demotion. The rental amount is always the amount of the BAH. It is your responsibility to notify the Community Management Office within five (5) days of any promotions or demotions.
Q: What is the eviction policy?
A: Residents may be evicted for non-payment, egregious acts, or failure to follow Community Policies. The Command will always be involved in all eviction proceedings.
Q: Will rent be prorated if I move out other than the last day of the month?
A: The month will be divided into 30 equal periods, despite the number of days in any given month. The rent will be assessed only for the days that you lived in housing.
Q: Will BAH impact the WIC Program?
A: No. BAH is not counted as income when calculating eligibility for this nutritional program. Contact your local State Program for information on eligibility for this program.
Q: Will BAH impact the Free Lunch Program?
A: Contact your local State Program for information on eligibility for this program.

Is the Security Deposit refundable?

A: Yes. These monies will be refunded to you when you move out, if all payments have been made and there is no excess damage beyond normal wear and tear.