Community Amenities

Kingsbay _commcenter (3) NSB Kings Bay Homes Community Center

16 Wren Court
Kings Bay, GA 31547

Hours of operation:
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 8:00am - 5pm
Wed 8:00am - 7:00pm

The NSB Kings Bay Homes Community Centers offer a multitude of enjoyable features for resident enjoyment. Features include a media room with Wii, XBox 360, and PS3, a play room with toys, books, and TV, fitness center, splash park, and meeting room. Many LifeWorks events are held at the Community Center. Spaces within the Community Center may be rented out for private events by residents. To request to rent a room, please contact the Community Management Office.

Community Center Policies

We want to provide an exciting, fun-filled place for the families of Kings Bay. There are a few rules that everyone must follow to make an enjoyable experience for everyone who enters.

  1. No children under the age of 13 are allowed without an adult over 18 years of age at any time.
  2. Children over the age of 13 must present an ID Card to enter and will be allowed with no more than 2 guests at any given time.
  3. All residents and guests must sign in at the front desk when they enter.
  4. We expect all residents to be on good behavior. It is up to the discretion of the Attendant on site to determine and ask residents to leave if necessary.
  5. All equipment for ping pong tables, pool tables, videos, etc. must be signed out from the front desk and returned before leaving the building.
  6. There is no running in the building.
  7. There is no solicitation or loitering allowed outside the building.
For an extended list of Balfour Beatty Community Center policies, visit Policies & Forms.

Fitness Center & Athletic Courts

The fitness center is located within the Community Center. Features include:
a 6-in-1 weight system, 2 treadmills, elliptical, and exercise bicycle. The fitness center can be accessed during normal Community Center hours.

Fitness Center Policies

  • For safety reasons, all residents under the age of 13 are not allowed in the gym room. Please utilize the activity room next door.
  • Residents between the ages of 13 and 16 may use the gym with a supervising adult over 18 years of age.
  • Residents 16 years or older may use the gym unaccompanied.
A volley ball court and basketball court are also located on the Community Center grounds. Basketball courts can also be located within each neighborhood on various Courts.

Splash Parks

A splash park is located on the grounds of the Community Center and can be accessed during normal Community Center hours. To ensure that the use of the splash park is safe and enjoyable for all, please review the Splash Park Rules located on Policies & Forms.

Playgrounds & Tot Lots

Playgrounds and tot lots are located in every court and can be accessed anytime. Each playground is designed for specific age categories and recommended use is for children under the age of 10. Adult supervision is required at all times.