Resident Energy Conservation Program

The Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) is the US Navy's utility conservation platform, mandated by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the US Navy. Balfour Beatty Communities, along with other privatized military housing partners, has joined forces with the US Navy on a path to conserve energy and educate military housing residents on being environmental advocates. RECP encourages residents to use their utilities responsibly and rewards residents that are successful in lowering their monthly usage.

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Purpose of the Program

The idea behind the program is that by conserving today, we will ensure a better tomorrow and by changing our habits, we can take part in changing the future. The aim is to conserve our natural resources and reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil as well as reward Service Members for their successful contribution to the conservation effort.

How the Program Works

For detailed information as to how the program works, view the Resident Energy Conservation Program Initiative video. For a step-by-step process, see below.

  1. All homes at Navy installations are organized into like-type groups (LTG) by similar size, bedroom, and construction style.
  2. Every month average utility usage for each LTG is developed and a 10% buffer above and below the average is added to create normal usage bands. The normal usage bands are based on a reasonable average of the cost of gas, electricity, and/or heating oil for like-type homes. While conservation of water and sewer usage is important, they are excluded from the RECP. The BAH will cover the average utility cost for electricity, heating fuels, water, and sewer.
    • Each month the top 5% and bottom 5% of consuming units are dropped and the rest are averaged to establish your monthly baseline usage. If a resident is in a non-renovated home, their usage will be compared with other non-renovated homes. Therefore, overages and rebates will all be calculated fairly with other similar homes.
    • Unfortunately, credits cannot be given for a larger family size. Only homes of like size and like build are compared against each other.
  3. A monthly usage report, or utility bill, is issued by a third party utility billing company. These reports include meter readings, total energy consumption, and where the resident stands in relation to the established normal usage band for their LTG.
  4. Mock bills will be issued to residents for a period of time at the start of the program, intended to allow residents to see what their utility costs might be for a specified time period. During the mock billing phase, residents will receive utility usage reports that can be used to help adjust energy consumption habits so that usage falls within the normal usage band for their LTG.
  5. After the mock billing phase has concluded, residents will receive actual usage reports.
  • Residents who consume within the normal usage band are not required to pay utility costs.
  • Residents who consume more than the normal usage band will be billed for that time period. Residents are reponsible for paying any utility bill charges directly to the third-party billing company.
            • Residents who feel that their recorded monthly usage is higher than their actual usage, they can call the maintenance department and ask for an energy audit. A representive from maintenance will make sure that the meter as well as all appliances with in the home are working properly.
  • Residents who consume less than the normal usage band will receive a rebate.

Request for Exemption

Wounded Warriors are exempt from the RECP program. Residents with exceptional family members (EFM) with documented requirements for excess energy usage and handicapped service members with a utility consuming condition may request a waiver from participation. All Wounded Warriors, Exceptional Family Members, and Handicapped Service Members must apply to be exempt from the program. If Wounded Warriors apply for exemption, their approval is automatic. All others must go through an approval process and may be denied at the Navy's discretion.

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